Change management methodology: broad staff participation

We deliver change programmed that support your workplace objectives, foster a culture of collaboration and productivity and equip your people for their transition to a digital workplace experience.

Our job as Change Managers is to bring workplace strategy to life by implementing long term strategic change. We’re the ‘glue’, working with other leaders and specialists making sure that the space, technology, working practices, processes, behaviors and adoption training are all coordinated so that they all harmonize to create a new positive experience for everyone.

Our Change Managers are trained in our very unique and holistic approach
They have a broad range of knowledge from behavioral change, IT, workplace design, workplace delivery, workplace management, psychology, project management and sustainability.

Our first job is to set up an ‘Organization for change’ making sure everyone involved knows their role in the change process and share a common vision.
Engagement and inclusiveness are our watchwords (we don’t ‘do’ change to our clients). Business and workplace leaders get involved with us in developing change programmes which they deliver with their change agents along with our organizational change management processes, skills, training, support and expertise.

We facilitate your organization in transitioning to new models of working by developing programmes that equip everyone with the knowledge, understandings and skill they need. Old habits die hard so facilitation, communication, coaching, mentoring and support for leaders, Champions and the project teams is key. Sustained change is our goal and to achieve that change must come from within.

New technologies are commonly part of transformational change programs. We support technology adoption as part of our effective change approach, helping everyone to be confident in using new technology tools.