The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility

Whether rightly or wrongly, it seemed to some that CSR was just another way corporations rolled out marketing buzz words to capture people’s attention with little being done on the substantive end that benefited something other than the bottom line. But over time as customer and employee became more knowledgeable, they also became more demanding that companies lived up to their own “do good” claims. And many companies have changed to do just that especially in the areas of carbon footprints, safety standards, gender sensitivity training.

Companies Are Facing a Big Problem

While these efforts are laudable, they don’t go far enough, wide enough, deep enough or fast enough, especially concerning one of the company’s most valuable assets is its people. For many, many, many companies — whether small, medium and large — their people are not waking up looking forward to going to work, and that’s a big problem.

Business sustainability is a comprehensive approach to business management that works to maximize long-term economic, social, and environmental value.

Sustainability aims to leave systems capable of continued existence. Sustainable office design involves much more than bringing natural elements into the office and with the increase in demand for sustainability accreditations such as WELL and LEED, companies are now occupying more sustainable buildings than ever before.

There are lots of ways to design a sustainable office, but it largely revolves around what each business is looking to achieve from a sustainability point of view. It operates like a scale, as some things are more straightforward to do, and some that need to be considered a long time in advance before your project even starts. Our Designers will be able to specify certain products to help achieve carbon targets and find opportunities to make sure you do everything you can to make your workspace green. Working in a green office will have a positive impact on your people and your business. There is a strong link between productivity, wellbeing and sustainability that is shaping workplaces and business decisions so it is important to understand how your business could benefit from a green office.