Changing Your Office Design To Create A Work-Life Balance

COVID-19 showed us how dramatically and profoundly our lives can change due to external circumstances beyond our control. And by COVID taking away our ability to be with our families and friends, how important those relationships are to our overall happiness and well-being. By witnessing others suffer in similar and worse circumstances over such an extended time, in essence, it gave us a lesson in prioritizing humanity over work.

Employees all over the country are faced with deciding whether to work in the office or from home. The result is a growing demand for employers to consider work-life balance and how to make office spaces more comfortable and inviting. Most of the people spends much of their week at work, leaving little time for other things. Today’s workers can face a constant crush of work at all hours, from answering emails, taking calls and getting wrapped into video meetings. The intrusion of work into after-hours time adds to employee stress and fatigue. Creating a work-life balance ensures work doesn’t take up a disproportionate amount of the employee’s life and attention. The concept involves taking more time doing enjoyable things, providing an overall more balanced lifestyle. Designing an office with this concept in mind takes some special considerations.

The Importance of a Work-Life Balance

The idea of a work-life balance makes sense from an employee’s perspective because it allows more time for leisurely activities with co-workers so they can relax, recharge and build rapport. This balance is also beneficial because happier and healthier workers are good for the business. Here are a few other pluses:

  • Improve Employee Performance
  • Decrease Employee Turnover
  • Fewer Health Problems

Threshold provides a full slate of commercial real estate services, including interior design for the global world. We can help you find the perfect office space to meet your company’s growing needs and renovate it to ensure your workers can achieve the work-life balance they desperately need.