Our workplace consultants listen to your employees and clients and use their feedback to inform our design, focusing on these key areas:
Workplace strategy
Research-led and data-driven, we listen to your needs, goals, and challenges to advise and recommend unique design solutions to fit your precise needs.
By observing how your employees perform their work, we develop workstations and furniture that not only support their process but enhances it. We identify furniture manufacturers that suit your budget and work with them to deliver cost-effective solutions for your needs.
We incorporate your brand identity into the design of your workplace as a competitive strategy. This leverages your property as a brand asset, increasing brand engagement by expressing your unique values through words, images, materials, and spaces.



Through detailed 3D drawings, we help you envision the potential of your workspace. Our visioning technology helps you imagine an inspiring work environment that drives efficiency, motivates employees, and resolves your unique challenges.

Change Management

Change can be disruptive and have a significant impact on your work environment’s people, processes, and culture. We take the pain out of the transition to a new work environment with onboarding orientation programs, facility maps, neighborhood introductions, communication strategy, and ergonomic training.


Sustainability is in our design DNA. We build methods of preserving our natural resources and reducing energy consumption into all our projects. We have extensive experience in industry certifications, including LEED, to meet all of your sustainability goals.


We design healthy environments that support your employees’ and clients emotional and physical wellbeing. Along with our WELL-certified methods, we use our insights and expertise to create comfortable, mood-lifting spaces that lead to happier, calmer employees.


We engage you in our creative process through workshops, interactive sessions, and 3D visualization – resulting in a more meaningful design and intuitive reflection of your vision. Our approach to Project Management ensures this by:
Setting Clear Expectations

We work with you to establish the project budget and schedule, updating you regularly and promptly addressing any changes or unforeseen issues.

Providing A Single Point of Contact

We lead projects from start to finish, managing all the moving parts and vendors, so you have a single line of communication.

Guiding Your Project From Start To Finish

Our project leadership and construction management ensure your project is delivered to the highest quality, on time, and within your budget.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when we complete your project. Our dedicated team stays to confirm everything works as it was intended.
After the dust has settled and people are comfortable in their new surroundings, we’ll work with you to conduct a post-occupancy survey to identify how the new space is performing.



Our Approach Reflects Your

Brand & Vision of the Future

We Listen. We See. We Create.

Workplace strategies, change and wellness and are key to business success. Listening to employees and customers and applying what is heard to creative solutions is the key to that success.

We see opportunities that may not be obvious at first. Through Design Visioning we establish your goals and expectations and proceed to exceed them.

The workplaces we create are the result of what we have heard and what we have seen – during our interactions with you and from our experience with businesses similar to yours. We engage our clients in the creative process through workshops, interactive sessions and virtual imagery. The result is a meaningful solution that reflects your vision.



We understand your teams.

Your Threshold workplace consultant will work with you to evaluate your existing office. We start by reviewing your current space to understand how your teams work.

We understand how staff interact with each other and what spaces will make them the most productive and happiest.



We craft an office design your staff will love.

Your Threshold office designers then use these insights to design a space that enables your teams to perform at their peak.

Your office design will represent your brand, work ethos, and be a destination that your staff will enjoy working in day after day.



We deliver your fit out without a hitch.

Your Threshold team will bring your new space to life and take care of everything; You won’t have to chase suppliers, schedule work, or worry about deadlines. Just continue to do what you do best.

Our Perfect Delivery™ pledge holds us to deliver on time and on budget.

Design has the power to inspire joy, uplift lives, and strengthen the spirit of community

Our purpose

We create places with meaning

There’s so much more to architecture than what meets the eye. Every place has a story, and as we design, we help tell it. Our work enlivens neighbor-hoods, builds communities, energizes people, and respects and protects our planet.

We design with purpose

Several ideals ignite our passions and keep us focused on what matters. These core values are the building blocks of who we are and what we stand for. They give us purpose. We invite you to learn more about them and our legacy.

We’ve set the bar high

Working collaboratively with our clients — engaging, listening, questioning — until, together, we exceed expectations. We’re dedicated to creating environments where people live happier, healthier lives. This is how we define design excellence.

Design Excellence

For us, performance and aesthetics go hand in hand

We look at projects holistically, because we know that the bottom line and great design are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps that’s why we’ve grown to be one of the world’s largest design firms. Our projects delight the people who use them and perform as well long-term as they do on opening day.

Sustainability & the United Nations 17 SDGs

Our mission is about more than winning clients and creating winning designs — it’s about providing facilities and functions that are future oriented and revolve around providing Quality of Live for clients, employees, shareholders, stakeholders and the planet. We believe this is the highest mission we can have that delivers wins for kids, people and the planet.

Design Excellence

Sustainability is a top priority

The most effective designs are those that work symbiotically with the natural environment. They help protect human health and preserve the vitality of Earth’s many ecosystems — conserving, and sometimes replenishing, the planet’s resources.

We believe “two heads are better than one.” We know a good idea can come from anywhere. That’s why our design culture emphasizes collaboration. As colleagues, we regularly challenge each other — sharing the pencil, testing assumptions, constructing and deconstructing — to get to the best solution. Peer review is the cornerstone of our practice, and we push boundaries to advance the industry.

Designing for life,

now & in the future

For nearly a quarter of a century, we’ve been at the vanguard of the sustainability movement. Passionate about designing places where human life thrives and ecosystems flourish, we’ve developed a reputation for challenging the status quo. For going above and beyond.

Today, we’re working harder than ever guided by a framework we call Living Design; we’re committed to creating a better future for generations to come.

Living Design

What is a Living Design?

Living Design is about creating high-performing places that promote human and ecological well-being at every level. Informed by research, these projects can endure, adapt, promote biodiversity, and help life thrive at the individual and community scale. By seamlessly integrating the elements we believe are key to a holistically healthy environment— sustainability, resilience, regeneration, equity and inclusion, and well being —we help our clients meet or exceed their projects’ performance goals.

Design that respects and restores our environment


We know sustainability means different things to different people. Whether it’s energy efficiency that matters most to our clients, or healthy indoor air and nontoxic materials — we’ve got all of it covered. Sustainable design is built into our practice.

One of the things we’re most proud of is that, for decades, we’ve led the AEC industry toward exceptional environmental performance. And this leadership has caused a sea change in the way places and spaces are designed and constructed all around the world. Our goal? To keep leading the way forward while working for the betterment of people and the planet.