Our 360 Worldwide Communications Network

One Stop Solutions Provider Direct To You

Working with multinational corporations, fortune 500 companies, we’ve found hope important communication is for a project to succeed.  So, with today’s advancement in technology, here at THRESHOLD, & Team all of our designers, project managers and key contact persons are readily available 24/7 through an array of communication tools: Viber, WhatsApp’s, WeChat, Video Conferencing, Polycom Tele-conferencing, Email, Telephone (direct/mobile), and regularly scheduled live meetings.   It is through these tools we ensure proper communication channels for all of our clients, partners and team members.  We ensure a 360-degree communication cycle! 

It is also important that we provide a hands-on approach with each project from design through to final construction and move-in, and to do that we require having on site supervision to maintaining our vision, and quality standards. It doesn’t matter whether the project is in anyplace in the world… (we’ve had the projects and experience in all these locations!) we ensure that we have the people on the ground – either through THRESHOLD – personal travel, or in partnership with respected alliance partners!