Determining whether your project is feasible-conceptually, financially, physically-is a crucial first step in any project. Threshold’s experienced staff will conduct a complete feasibility study of all aspects of your project prior to concept design.

Threshold understands the risks that are involved when evaluating, planning, or designing a property prior to land acquisition. In order to mitigate these costly risks, Partner can provide our clients with a full-scale feasibility study and due diligence services. A Feasibility Study is the collection of current and historical data about the property and its surroundings, followed by the analysis of the data to determine what types of developments are feasible and what the future requirements will be for the entire approval process.

Feasibility Study Checklist

  • Basic Site Information
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Physical Site Information
  • Site Conceptual Layout
  • Permitting Information for all jurisdictions
  • Construction Cost Estimate, Impact and Permitting Fees

Due Diligence Checklist

  • Partner’s experienced staff will ensure that a complete analysis of the property is done prior to our engineers and master planners creating conceptual designs. This critical step reduces development risk and allows clients to be confident in their property investments.