A Modern Luxe Approach to Safari-Style Resort Hotel Its nature-focused, cutting edge design and philosophy of ‘touching the earth lightly’ benchmarked what the safaris would look like. With the design and a minimalist, Sri Lanka abstract style, leads the way once
again offering the most forward-thinking safari in Sri Lanka. The experience has been transformed in a way that could enhance the guest’s connection with nature, taking a ‘less is more’ approach using exposed and natural products and creating spacious, sculpted spaces.

The thoughtful, divergent approach allowed for us to build around the site’s existing natural features; with time, growth of the trees, bush, and various plantation will further integrate the lodge into the site. The approach also allows for guests to be fully immersed in the safari’s environment, beyond being merely observers. 

Our lifestyles are modern; nature is raw and primal. It is in that honest contrast that a beautiful tension exists. The architecture exists to enhance the experience of the outdoors – not to mimic it, but to complement it so that guests may experience the bush more directly, more immediately. 

The idea was always to redefine luxury and usher in a new language of Sri Lanka design for safari. The result is design that are at once uniquely Sri Lanka, yet undeniably modern with natural finishes and sophisticated detailing.

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Year 2017