Our Hospitality Experts offer knowledge built over 20 years of hospitality management experience internationally. They ensure a solid support to our creative and project management team in particular with operational planning and OS&E selections. In addition, they bring great value to investors interested in entering the hospitality industry, or seeking to expand, develop and improve their operations. They offer concrete solutions to boost service quality results, image and reputation of the hotel and increase profitability in the short, medium and long terms. This is done by identifying the strengths of the property, seizing opportunities when they arise, making more effective decisions at the right time and using resources optimally.  

Our Creative Professionals design beautiful, comfortable, efficient and inspiring interior spaces with a strong identity for each property. From client’s brief and operating concepts, we plan the space, develop design schemes, visual presentations and material boards, and develop all construction drawings and specifications. When commissioned with an art program, we curate works with meticulous care, in a true collection spirit. We work closely with artists and craftspeople through concept, selection, production, framing and installation. We also publish high-quality Art Books designed as reference guides and marketing tools for the properties.

Hospitality Industry


Integrated Design Service

Greater China Region

Year 2017